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Ultimate Matchmaking — don’t allow users to search, but give them random people to match with add-on

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Let me introduce you to this matchmaking add-on where users cannot search other people themselves but get random users every day to match with. You'll be able to charge users, so they can see or talk to more people.  

What’s that: This type of site doesn’t allow people to search others themselves, but sends random users according to age, location and main goal.
How to use it: When a free user matches with, for example, 2 other users, he/she cannot match anymore and can only talk to these two, unmatch them or purchase a membership to increase number of matches.
How to test it: Click here
If you have any questions about how it would work on your site or just need more details, contact our Sales team in the livechat or through the toll-free phone 1-844-273-0305
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Readiness Requires extra setup

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