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App submission to the App Store and Play Store service

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A number of steps are required to prepare a dating app and submit it to the App Store or Play Store. This is a comprehensive overview of the procedure for the Android apps and for the iOS apps.

We always do the technical stuff like create a release build/APK file for you when you purchase the apps from us. Where applicable, we also connect your app to Firebase, Google Analytics and Google Maps, Facebook and Google+, and this is what we need your credentials for these services for.

You can choose to add your app files along with the text descriptions and screenshots to the App Store/Play Store on your own, or we can do it for you.

This is what the app submission service is about:
1. editing the standard app elements and layout to make the app look different from the demo app;
2. replacing the standard logotype, updating the main screen illustration, launcher icons and launch screen;
3. creating screenshots of the app to use as illustrations;
4. collecting the info together and submitting it for approval.

These are some of the options for the layout changes:

(left-hand menu)

(search results layout)



1. The Premium package of the PG Dating Pro solution includes up to three free submissions to each store. The Business package includes free submission to the Google Play Store.

2. It is important that your applications meet the standards and guidelines of respective stores. We provide the technical part while the brand and content are your responsibility. Please take a look at the Google Play Store Developer Policy and the App Store Review Guidelines.

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